Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Sales Pass Enterprise Sales Support is not for everybody. A few Enterprise reps have an army of support and they spend all their time selling. But most of us need help getting everyone and everything lined up. If any of the following seems familiar and has you nodding and saying “Yup, that’s me”, maybe you want to consider it.

  • You’re better at selling than managing a bunch of people.
  • You’re competing with a bunch of other reps who need the same thing from the same people.
  • Your customer wonders if you’re ever going to get this deal done.
  • Your grim reality – you work nights and weekends.

Sales Pass is only for you if you want to seriously accelerate your productivity. We makes sure everyone to pays attention to your deal. Our job is to proactively make sure no one misses a deadline!

I could just get my sales administrators trained to do this, right?

We’ve tried this, and it just doesn’t work. Internal sales support aren’t comfortable hassling high ranking VPs and Directors across the company. Who wants to fry their career to help you out? Especially for something that’s “part of your job”?

Aren’t there tons of productivity apps and mobile gadgets to help you sell?

Yes, and we’ve probably used all of them! These are great, but they aren’t going to get you approval from Finance. Seriously, you need everyone to pay attention to your deal and there’s not an app on earth that can do this.

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