The Virtual Service That Accelerates Sales and Increases Revenues

So Much More Than a Virtual Assistant

VAs can keep you organized, but what about everyone else you need focused on your deals? The overlay teams, partners, engineering and executives? We organize everything and everyone you need to move ahead. And all that paperwork and admin? Off your desk and onto ours.

*The average Enterprise sales rep spends less than 36% selling. 

How it Works

Hire a team who will make everyone responsive and productive by running a sale like a project.


We laser focus on what everyone has to do.

What do you need to succeed? When? And from Who? Once we establish this, Sales Pass makes sure it gets done.

We relentlessly remind them of what they have to do.

Whether it is a VP or a Partner, we make sure everyone you need to close the sale is committed to the deadlines.

If they don’t, we take them to task.

Someone holding things up? We’ll call, text, message and email them to get them on track, then we’ll escalate if they don’t.

You go to President’s Club.

You take on more accounts and more vacation, become ridiculously successful and become VP Sales.

The Easiest Way to Make Everyone More Productive: Sales Pass.

Working in sales is amazing, but are you getting the help that you need?


If you have the right support, why are you buried in admin? Especially after the client says yes to a deal and you have to chase a billion people for the approvals for the contract. None of them report to you and none of them has to do what you say.


You miss client deadlines and watch the months and your sales tick away.


So how do you maintain pressure on everyone to get what you need?


You get Sales Pass.

Drive Accountabilityto the people that make or break your sales.

Who We Support.

Sales needs experienced project teams to drive partners, executives and overlay teams to stand up, pay attention and produce results.

Sales Professionals

All it takes is a few hours of Sales Pass a week and you'll be amazed how much more business you can handle.

Pre & Post Sales

Pre-sales and post-sales customer issues are a breeze with our service options.

Vertical Industry Sales

All it takes is a few hours of Sales Pass a week and you'll be amazed how much more business you can handle.

Getting Started is Easy

Just four steps puts you on the path towards crushing your quota and President’s Club


Let’s get on a quick call and see if this service is for you.

Implementation Plan

We figure out how to best work together and understand your collaboration systems, stakeholders, and deal requirements.

POC – 60 Days

Try Sales Pass for 60 days on a proof of concept basis at an extremely reduced intro offer.


After 60 days, we’ll be so dialed in and you’ll be driving so much more revenue you won’t remember life without us.

Need More?

Our parent company, Sales Beacon, is a leader in making global virtual teams productive.

Sales Operations

Our integrated project management, business analytics and creative services provides a one-stop shop drive decisions, reporting and stakeholder updates.

Cross Functional Teams

Let us help you make everyone accountable without new tools or new methods for anyone to learn.  Have meetings that produce a result.

Partner Organization

You need the right partners bringing you deals.  Our channel specialists have been helping global partners work effectively for years.